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I finally found a portable monitor specifically with USB type-c capabilities. This is known as the 15.6-inch portable monitor by Lepow. It has a resolution of 1920 by 1080. It does 60 Hertz, and it runs on 5 volts, which was one of my main requirements when I was looking into getting a portable monitor. This retail anywhere from 130 dollars to 170, depending on where you buy it. I got mine on Amazon. I’ll leave a link at the end of this review.

Unboxing Lepow 1080p Portable monitor

Lepow 1080p Portable monitor unboxedLepow 1080p Portable monitor

Inside of the box, you’re going to get an extra screen protector. Now, this is a huge one; it’s going to be kind of hard to put on here. You’ll also get the user manual, a 5-volt power adapter, a USB type-c to regular USB cable, and a 6 foot full-sized HDMI to mini HDMI cable. You’ll also receive a 6 foot USB type-c cable, now it’s USB type-c on both ends, and it looks pretty beefy. Finally, inside the box, you’ll receive the monitor itself. Now, this is fifteen point six inches, 1080p, 60 Hertz, HDMI IN or USB type-c. The bezel and the back of the unit are aluminum, and it does have dual stereo speakers built-in. It also comes with this nice folding case. It’ll protect the screen if you want to put it in your backpack or briefcase. But it also acts as a stand, like those folio tablet cases. It does have a bunch of different configurations built-in, so you can kind of prop this up any way you like.

Buttons and inbuilt Speakers

On the right-hand side of the unit, we have our power button, our USB type-c for power in, and our menu rocker. Now this will allow us to adjust the brightness, the volume, and everything like that. As I mentioned, this does have dual stereo speakers built-in. You’ll get one on the right-hand side, one on the left-hand side. Speaking of the left-hand side, we have our mini HDMI input, our USB type-c input for video in and a 3.5-millimeter audio jack in case you want to hook some headphones up.On the backside of the monitor, all of the inputs and outputs are marked.

Reasons to buy Lepow 1080p Portable monitor

2019 09 30 17 15 37 Greenshot - Indepth Review of Lepow 1080p Portable monitor

So one of the main reasons I wanted to pick up a portable monitor was so I could hook this up to my Samsung Galaxy S10 and use Dex or Linux on Dex or even just play my favorite emulators on a bigger screen without having to worry about hooking up to a television when I’m on the go. When I initially got the monitor, I was fully aware that I would need to power the monitor also, but to my surprise as soon as I plugged in the S10, it propelled the monitor and sent video signals. So I can use this with my Galaxy S10, my Galaxy Tab S4, and my Galaxy Tab S6 without having external power.

The phone itself is sending video signal and power to the monitor, which is a big plus: I was not expecting this at all. Of course, it’s going to kill the battery on the phone or tablet a lot faster because it needs to send power to the monitor. But overall, I think this is an excellent little feature. So whether I want to hook this up to watch youtube videos on a bigger screen, Netflix, Hulu or even play my favorite mobile games or emulators, it’s going to work without any external power source. The monitor’s menu comes up by using the menu button on the side of the display. You can control the volume, brightness, and contrast. I mean it’s just like any regular PC monitor. It’s just portable.

Problems in Lepow 1080p Portable monitor

One downside to powering the monitor like this is the brightness and the volume. It doesn’t seem to get as loud if I don’t have external power going to the monitor itself and I can’t go over sixty percent brightness without the monitor cutting off. So what’s happening here is I believe, the phone is detecting that the monitor is pulling a little more power than it can handle out of this USB type-c port and it just cuts power to it. Other than that it does work well, with no external power and the Galaxy device.

Lepow 1080p Portable monitor tested with various devices

I also tested it with the Galaxy Tab S6 and some emulation. Now I was going to do it with the S10, but I didn’t have the games loaded up so I just plugged this right in it detected the display, and now I can play my favorite retro games on the go with a bigger screen, and this is one of the main reasons I picked this up.

Loaded up Forza

I also wanted to test this with the mini HDMI, so it broke out the old Xbox One S. Loaded up Forza and here it is: 1080p 60fps, the sound is great here because I do have external power going to the monitor. You can use the provided 5 volts, 1 amp power supply or you can use an external battery so you can have this full battery-powered if you want it.

Another excellent use for a portable monitor like this would be using it as a second display for your laptop or even your desktop. You can set up for mirroring or extending. I extended this to the wrong side. So I’m going to the right-hand side even if the monitor’s on the left. But it does work well here.


1080p display

So overall, the monitor’s much better than I thought it would be. I love the option of just plugging in my phone and it powering the display also. By the way, this will work in portrait mode, so it’s perfect for a secondary display for your desktop or your workstation. A 15.6 inch IPS display, 1080p 60 Hertz, micro HDMI IN or USB type-c in. The whole thing only weighs 1.7 pounds, and it runs on five volts. This is precisely what I was looking for; if you’ve also been in the market for a portable monitor, you might want to look into the Lepow 15.6-inch 1080p display. Like I mentioned, I did pick mine up on Amazon. Here is a link:

Portable Monitor – Lepow 15.6 Inch Computer Display 1920×1080 Full HD IPS Screen USB C Gaming Monitor with Type-C Mini HDMI for Laptop PC MAC Phone Xbox PS4, Include Smart Cover & Screen Protector

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
[Full HD 1080P Display] Lepow USB C Monitor delivers stunning 1920 x 1080 resolution visuals with awesome color reproduction. The IPS screen delivers you a vivid image and an awesome viewing experience when extending your screen or playing games.
[Multiple Devices Connection] Lepow monitor is compatible for laptops, PCs, Phones, PS3/4, XBOX ONE, Wii or Nintendo Switch etc. You can connect your devices to this portable monitor easily via Type-c or Mini HDMI port to play business presentations, games, videos, TV series, photos etc.

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