Updates For Emulators
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Here’s a look at three emulators – RPCS3, Yuzu, and Xenia(Xbox360 emulator). There is a great deal to cover in this report concerning new upgrades and updates for emulators, new game compatibility, and performance.

Massive updates for PlayStation 3 emulator, RPCS3

Updates For Emulators

Starting with some PlayStation 3 emulation, first up we’re going to be taking a look at RPCS3. Thanks to a brand new update and PR introduced by KT11, Metal Gear Solid 4’s graphics are now basically fully fixed.

PlayStation 3 emulator, RPCS3

This includes the layering of graphics, where you could see textures of buildings through characters and characters through structures, invisible characters, and enemy models and hidden weapon models.

Metal Gear Solid 4's graphics

Aside from the fixes to Metal Gear Solid 4, we have also seen significant upgrades to other games including a The Lord of the Rings: Conquest, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Battlefield Bad Company and even the excellent racing game Blur.

While undoubtedly there are going to be hundreds of more improvements from this update, it is not currently merged to the master version of RPCS3. So if you wish to test it out, for yourself right now, click here to get that PR. Please also be aware that while it’s not in master right now, it will a likely be in the next few days or weeks so as always make sure to keep your emulators as up-to-date as possible.

Now Metal Gear Solid 4 does progress in the gameplay with mostly fixed graphics, everything isn’t perfect especially about the game’s stability. Depending on your CPU you can expect an outstanding performance in gameplay. However, you are going to crash reasonably frequently, and there are some sufficiently severe popping issues like you can see in the image with these yellow days. On top of this, there are also lots of other graphical problems and bugs that can occur in gameplay.

The NPC's and AI in the game

The one you’re looking right now is just one example of these bugs — a hilarious one, where your body turns inside out. The NPC’s and AI in the game world seem to go haywire and start shooting at the sky. This may not happen to you in your gameplay at all and it only really happened randomly to me on one or two occasions. Regardless, I wanted to make you aware of the fact that bugs like this still exist in gameplay. Until fixed, this game cannot be considered playable.

Updates for Nintendo Switch emulator, Yuzu

Nintendo Switch emulator, Yuzu

Moving on to our next emulator, let’s take a look at Yuzu. With the implementation of a brand new lle a buffer cache, Super Smash Bros ultimate has seen a dramatic improvement to its rendered graphics. Previously, you would have seen that all of the character models were already T posing, and they also had utterly black textures all over. Unfortunately though while these models and graphics are now primarily fixed and performance is a very respectable, the game is still going to soft-lock if you enter into any regular battle.

Super Smash Bros ultimate on Yuzu

The graphics are now rendered well. You can see just how well in this Kirby stage. However, until they fix these soft locks, apparently related to a kernel issue, this game is going to remain completely unplayable.

Updates for Xbox 360 emulator, Xenia

Xbox 360 emulator, Xenia

So next up, we’re going to be taking a look at Xenia, an emulator for the Xbox 360. I want to put massive asterisks over the playable stage and in-game nature of the games. I’m going to be covering at the start of this as any a section mostly about Gears of war and the Fable series. So for anybody who hasn’t used Xenia before, you will not be aware of the fact that Unreal Engine games have quite a difficult time progressing due to a workaround or a hack which was implemented by a user in the Xenia community.

Gears of War on Xenia

Many of these Unreal Engine games are now able to progress in the gameplay and render graphics for the first time.These include but are not limited to Gears of War One, Two and Three and the entire a Fable trilogy also.

geometry missing from gameplay

I have covered Gears of War 2, whereas you can see this title is now booting and even goes in-game rendering some graphics. The graphics that are rendered aren’t exactly the best with most of the complex geometry completely missing from gameplay. The only way to view your character model is to aim downside.

Now based on images and videos I’ve seen on Xenia’s discord, Gears of War 1 and 3 are in pretty much the same state as Gears of War 2. So obviously, a lot of work is going to have to be done to get these games running and rendering in tip-top shape. About performance, it ran reasonably consistently, locked 30 frames per second. But this is possibly expected, considering that 90 percent of the objects in the game are currently not rendered. Hopefully, developers are going to be able to bisect and see precisely how this a workaround or hack gets Unreal Engine games to render and go in the game. One day we will have another excellent emulator on which we can play Gears trilogy.


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