Nintendo WiiU Emulator, Cemu Latest Update
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Nintendo WiiU emulator, Cemu just got a fantastic update. Some time ago they released their 1.16.0 work in progress build. This build had Vulkan renderer, which is a total GameChanger. So far, this build doesn’t give a huge performance boost on Nvidia. It does provide a fantastic increase in performance and stability on AMD GPUs. But this doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything good about Nvidia here, because if Vulkan develops appropriately, it will probably be better than OpenGL on Nvidia too.

This time AMD has an advantage

In most cases previously, AMD had terrible performance due to something with the AMD OpenGL drivers. Because of those drivers, many graphics weren’t showing correctly, and the performance was awful. In the images, you can see a comparison between OpenGL and Vulkan.

Cemu OpenGL vs. Vulkan

I think you can say that Vulkan is so much better for AMD. With Vulkan, I can say the performance is noticeably better. That’s not all – its improved shaders are not implemented yet. Vulcan loads shaders in milliseconds. With OpenGL, pretty much on any system games freeze for one or more seconds, which hinders performance, and it is annoying. The only way to properly play a game like Breath of The Wild is to download some pre-made shaders. With Vulkan, the loading of shaders takes milliseconds. Although one still does notice a little bit lag and the shader cache should be implemented one time only. With OpenGL, it’s a much smaller issue.

I think self-building complete shaders for a game first or downloading pre-made shaders is best because you don’t have to wait for a few seconds while playing a game.

Graphics issues for AMD GPUs fixed in this new build

Cemu 1.16.0 is just Cemu 1.15.11 with the Vulcan backend edit. In the beginning, the release was pretty unstable, and many games crashed. There were a lot of graphical issues, and most games didn’t even work on AMD GPU, so I couldn’t test it out when it came out. With the latest updates, most of the issues have been fixed. You can now run many games on AMD GPUs, which is excellent. Many fonts and graphics display poorly on OpenGL or don’t work at all. If one uses an AMD GPU with Vulkan, they are all working correctly.

Graphics Issues Fixed

Just look at the images, Vulkan fixes all of the graphical issues AMD users had while using OpenGL. There still are many graphical glitches with the Vulkan, but the devs are working hard to fix them. One of the significant issues is the shadows which don’t show properly. Some shadows don’t show, and there are weird boxes with shadows and lighting effects.

Compatibility of Graphics packs with Vulkan

Most graphics packs don’t work at this moment. The FPS++ pack for Breath of The Wild do work with packs like resolution. All other packs pretty much don’t, or they have a slim chance of working, and they probably aren’t stable. Compatibility is also a lot lower, with some games not booting at all or breaking with Vulkan. Over time these issues should be fixed.

There also are some issues which aren’t noticeable immediately. Fist one being the VRAM leaks, on Vulkan the VRAM on your graphics cards builds up. The second issue is that you can’t resize the window and you can’t use fullscreen. The third is the gamepad view doesn’t always work correctly. But these issues will be taken care of in the near future. So if you want to try out the latest build yourself, you have to become a Patreon or wait until the public build is out.


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