Speed Up And Increase Windows 10 PC Performance
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To increase the speed of your Windows 10 PC, you can delete all types of different temp files, cache, etc. which is stored on the computer. In this guide, I’ll be using just a manual way of removing this, rather than using any software. But there are loads of types of software out there that will clean up your system and clear all the system cache up for you. I want to show you there are ways of going about this manually. It’s always an excellent way to learn and know where this stuff is stored.

Delete Windows Update data

First off, you start by going to the Explorer, then into the C Drive. Then go inside windows directory, you’re going to come down to where it says software distribution. In software distribution you have your Windows data, you’re going to downloads here. This is your Windows Update data which is used, and then it doesn’t need it anymore, so you can get rid of all this stuff. If you want to delete that, you can delete all this stuff inside here by just pushing the Delete key and it will delete that. Now if it needs any of this stuff, it will automatically download it anyway. So that folder will be empty, and that one is done. You can then close that off.

Delete Temp files to speed up and increase Windows 10 PC performance

Next up, you’re going to go to the temp area. Now to do this, you can push the Windows key which is the little flag key on your left-hand bottom corner of your keyboard and R. This brings up the Run box. Now you can also bring up the Run box by right-clicking and clicking on the run. Here the same thing, so do a %temp%, and this will take you to the location here, and you can now delete all the content inside it.

Now you’re going to go back into there again by pushing the Windows key and the run. So open up the run box and now you’re just going to put in here temp no percentage and open this up. It may say you don’t have permission, click continue, and it will open up this windows area. You can delete all the contents inside here. This is just another area which you can delete.

Clear up the Prefetch folder

Next up what you want to do is get prefetch. You can do that by going back into the run again, and you’re going to type prefetch. Click OK, and it will give you the same thing still, click continue, and this will open up your prefetch area. You’re going to select everything here and delete it. You can right-click and delete if you want to.

Reset Windows Store to speed up and increase Windows 10 PC performance

Now another thing you can do is reset your Windows Store. You can do that again by opening up run box and type: wsreset, all one word. So click OK, and this will open up the command prompt, and this will reset all of the windows store and get rid of all that data in there. It may take a bit of time, so be patient and let it do its thing, and it will continue and finish. So if you had any problems with your Windows Store, that will fix it and resolve it most of the time.

Delete chache and browsing history for Edge browser

Next, what you’re going to do is go to Edge and remove all the data from there. You can do this on other browsers as well. Open the Edge browser and click the free dots. Then go settings, come all the way down to it says clear browser data. Choose what you want to clear and then put the ticks into whatever you want to clear. Then click on clear.

Now click start button, then go settings. Once inside, go to where it says privacy. Click on this one here. Go to your location and inside there you want to come down, and you can see it will say clear history of this device. You can do that as well, and it will clear order history for this device.

Flush DNS using Command Prompt

Next, go to your command prompt. So type CMD, right-click on this and run this as administrator. This will open up this box here, type ipconfig/flushDNS and press Enter. This will flush your DNS and get rid of all the cache inside there as well.

Use Cleaner Manager to speed up and increase Windows 10 PC performance

Now another one you can do as well which you’re going to look at right now is called cleaner, which is your cleaner manager. To do that you’re just going to go here and type clean and you will see a disk manager. This will allow you to remove any more stuff that you want to remove. You can see here, recycle bin temp files will do it all from here as well. Thumbnails any of that stuff you can do so. So run that cleanup tool. It offers us to clean the windows updates. Previous Windows installation, this is that Windows.old, you’re going to remove that as well. Get rid of all that stuff.

So now that’s all finished you will see the windows the old folder should be gone and you’ve cleaned back a ton of space on your C Drive. You can do this with software and stuff like that. But if you want to do it manually, this is one guide you can follow. You can also do it with batch files, and there are loads of ways of going about doing this sort of stuff.


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