Yuzu Canary emulator update
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Let’s take a look at an incredible update that we have just got to Yuzu emulator. The latest Yuzu Canary emulator update has at least for many users with powerful CPUs made Super Mario Odyssey run at full speed, 60 FPS in practically every situation.

I have written a guide for how to install and use some brand new mods for this game that dramatically boost performance. The guide is mainly for computers that are a bit on the low-end side of things. I’m also going to be providing you with some higher resolution mods too. These mods are going to make your game look amazing.

Yuzu Canary emulator update brings new version of Async GPU emulation

This new update has introduced a brand new version of Asynchronous GPU emulation. This is the most significant update we’ve seen to Async GPU since it was implemented in Yuzu. This feature is now pretty much compatible with every single game on this emulator. Any of the synchronization or framerate speed-up issues you may have previously seen in games that already did support it are entirely fixed.

To show you exactly how much faster this new Async version is, here is a screenshot for the most demanding area in Super Mario Odyssey, Metro Kingdom:

Super Mario Odyssey, Metro Kingdom

Take a look at how it was running in the old version

Old version - Yuzu Canary emulator update brings Async GPU; Super Mario Odyssey now runs at 60 fps

You can see, we’re running at anywhere between around 37 to 41 frames per second. It is a relatively decent and playable performance level. However, again, check this out using this new Asynchronous GPU emulation update – it’s pretty clear to see that we have seen an absolutely enormous boost in performance now.

Yuzu Canary emulator update brings Dynamic Resolution

Also introduced in this Asynchronous GPU emulation update is that Super Mario Odyssey now correctly uses a dynamic resolution. This means that if your game is not running at excellent performance levels, it’s going to lower the resolution of the actual game in order to try and maintain a higher frame rate. Now you can completely fix resolution issues while also maintaining absolutely amazing levels of performance.

Yuzu Canary emulator update gameplay

Dynamic resolution is not just with Super Mario Odyssey; now Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu also runs correctly locked and stable at 30 frames per second. If I unlock my framerate, instead of getting the 45 frames per second I was previously getting, it jumped up to about 60 or 65.

Locked framerate settings in latest Yuzu Canary emulator update

When running at a locked 30 frames per second, you are no longer going to experience any speed, sound, or gameplay D synchronization. All you have to do is, turn the setting on and reap the massive performance benefits you gain from it and play your game. One of the worst titles that were affected by the D synchronization in the older version of Asynchronous GPU emulation was Super Mario Maker 2. You’ll see it will have no D sync issues, and when the framerate is unlocked, and performance levels absolutely skyrocket.

This means that anybody who’s trying to run this game on a low-end system is going to have better experience maintaining a full-speed emulation at all times. This upgrade is literally a game-changer making many games not just usable but fully playable at full speed at all times. In the Cap Kingdom, it actually runs so fast that the level begins to flicker. So if you’re running at frame rates over 60, I advise you to lock your framerate.

How to install the New Resolution MODS?

As I mentioned that Super Mario Odyssey has its dynamic resolution implemented. You can see in the Cap Kingdom right here even running in its docked config. I am getting fantastic performance, but the resolution is pretty terrible I’m going to show you how to 100% fix this right now and also how you can boost performance if your computer is on the low-end side of things.

mods pc - Yuzu Canary emulator update brings Async GPU; Super Mario Odyssey now runs at 60 fps

So here are two zip files, one is Mario Odyssey Resolution Mods, and one is a no anti-aliasing.

All you need to do is download these and unzip them to your desktop. Once you’ve done this, you need to reopen Yuzu and navigate back to wherever Super Mario Odyssey is in your games list. Once you found it, you want to select it to right-click it and open mod data location. Then make sure to dump this and NOAA file in here.

MODS - Yuzu Canary emulator update brings Async GPU; Super Mario Odyssey now runs at 60 fps

Then you want to open these Super Mario Odyssey Resolution Mods, highlight all of these like so. Right-click, select Copy and then paste these also into this exact same mod directory. So you will have 2X the docked resolution, 2X lower docked, 4X docked resolution, and 4X lower docked as well as no anti-aliasing mod.

Once you have those added to that directory, you come back to your game again a right-click select properties, and you should see all of these mods now appearing in properties to be either activated or deactivated.

You can fix the resolution issues that are caused by the new Async version. To do this turn on 4X docked resolution and also the no anti-aliasing graphics pack, which can make your game look better and also boost your performance by 2 to 4 frames per second. With 4X resolution mod active, it makes the game look much better. It’s no longer horribly pixelated. My performance levels are the exact same as they were before, maintaining a well over 60 frames per second, even jumping up to 90 and above at times. Now, if your performance does drop when using the x4 resolution multiplier, you should turn on the x2 multiplier. The game will look very similar, but we’ll be slightly a lower-resolution.

How to boost performance in the Low-end system?

The main thing we want to maintain is an outstanding performance level. You can significantly boost your performance if you have a low-end system. Unlike before, we’re not going to be using 4X docked resolution, and we’re going to be using either 2X lower docked resolution. Now that we have this activated, we can then close our properties window and get booted back in the game. When using a 2x lower in comparison to just the regular resolution, Super Mario Odyssey runs at a very nice performance boost.


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